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How to start finance?

The first chapter is all about the right initial set-up: How important is a good tax advisor (hint: VERY IMPORTANT) and what do I need to consider when choosing one? Which profile should I hire first in my finance team? What qualifications and seniority should those candidates have? At the same time, I will explain to you how to establish a good document structure why a good filing system is really essential.

Accounting Hygiene


Accounting is the basis for EVERYTHING. Without clean accounting, you can neither make good calculations nor produce trustworthy reports. You will only be able to identify pain points in your company if the numbers are correct. Otherwise, you risk making the wrong decisions and damaging your company. In this chapter, I show you how you can establish and maintain good accounting hygiene in just a few steps.


Process for chart of accounts, Accounting guidelines examples, Cost center plan.

Month-end closing

​Learn why a month-end closing is important and how to do it easily with my checklist.

Template: Month-end closing checklist.

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